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Hailey Baldwin Says You Need ‘Thick Skin’ to Date Justin Bieber

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Apr 12, 2016

Hailey Baldwin knows that Hollywood can get a little too in your face sometimes. And apparently dating someone like Justin Bieber can be just as jarring. The 19-year-old model tells¬†Marie Claire Magazine¬†about dating someone with such a high profile. She says, “I don’t want attention out of dating somebody. Texts start coming through, crazy phone calls. It’s hard to date someone in this industry.” We’ve seen Bieber and Hailey become pretty close, but despite how universally desired he is, dating him isn’t as dreamy as many may think. She tells the magazine, “You have to have really thick skin and be very strong. You have to focus on the person and nothing else.” Hailey is happily living the single life at the moment and just hanging out with her friends and working.