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How Zac Efron Looks So Shredded in Baywatch

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 25, 2016

Anyone who has seen Zac Efron filming the new Baywatch movie knows that he didn’t skip any workouts before filming. But it’s like bro, how did you take it to that level? According to Us Magazine, the actor has been channeling his energy into working out. He is so regimented about everything he does. And it’s not just his workout schedule. He’s going through extra measures to make sure he’s “dry” when shooting. Us Magazine reports that he’s “flushing.”  Before they shoot a big shirtless sequence, Zac won’t have any water for 12 hours to make him look as defined as humanly possible. Also, he’s working alongside The Rock, which is an extra dose of motivation.