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Interviews with Cast of Fuller House at LA Premiere

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Feb 17, 2016
Interviews with Cast of Fuller House at LA Premiere

The whole Tanner gang is back together 20 years later! The cast of Netflix’s Fuller House came together for their LA premiere on Tuesday and they looked like one big happy family. Based on each of their interviews, you can tell that the cast really loves one another and thinks of each other as family off screen. Check out their interviews below!


Jodie Sweetin spoke about her character Stephanie.



Candace Cameron-Bure said Fuller House has the same heart-warming type scenes as Full House.



John Stamos said he always new Full House was going to come back and wanted to be part of it.



Andrea Barber spoke about her character Kimmy Gibbler and she is just as zany as ever and has a wardrobe to die for.



Bob Saget says he loves the whole cast.



Dave Coulier said the cast never really parted ways.



Lori Loughlin was glad to be back with everybody.