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Journey into the Mind of Man: Skinny vs. Curvy

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 10, 2015
Journey into the Mind of Man: Skinny vs. Curvy

What body type do men prefer the most? In an effort to find the answer, I decided to venture into the male mind by asking a few dudes from my office if their ideal body shape in a woman is sleek and skinny or curvy and meaty. I used a runway model to paint the skinny/sleek picture and I used Kim Kardashian as an example of a woman who has a little meat on her bones i.e. boobs and bum.

The first stop on my office road trip was to Politically Correctville. I was asked to change the word ‘meaty’ to voluptuous and scorned for using Kim Kardashian as the average curvy American comparative. Politically Correctville is as comfortable as eating glass, so I took a hard left onto Honest Avenue where I talked with a few upfront guys.

The first one said, “Curvy is a term that overweight women use on their dating profiles. I hate that crap. All I want is for a woman to say they are skinny and actually mean it.” Alright! We are getting somewhere despite feeling like I was stuck in a boy’s locker room. Is there really any other place to get into a man’s head other than locker room chat? Absolutely not, so I stay a bit, “I like curvy! She gives me shade in the summer and keeps me warm in the winter.” Oh, this is fantastic.

Office Poll Body TypeI am loving being in the boy’s locker room but I need something more. “It’s more about the connection than the look for me,” one guy says, with a halo beaming above his head.

Another says, “There is no such thing as perfect. Perfection only exists in the man’s imagination and I don’t think any woman should have to live up to any man’s expectations except their own,” this one wears a crown and is deemed king.

The truth is, most men just want healthy; a physically, fit woman. A woman who is not too undersized or oversized but right in the middle. If I were still in the locker room, I’d say a toned girl with boobs and a butt to be exact.  Pick up a Playboy which has accumulated over $185 million dollars, that is what you’ll see.

Most women hate this because it’s a difficult image to obtain and most men hate this because they are afraid to admit it in fear of being ridiculed, but it’s the darn truth.

Journeying into the mind of man wasn’t so bad, in fact it was awesome and fun and lovable. Here is a quickie woman’s perspective, from a skinny girl, nonetheless: I’m not happy if I gain weight in the same way I’m not happy if I can’t forgive someone, or get past a fear. When you are balanced mind/body/soul, that’s the ideal. There is beauty in balance.