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Justin Bieber Won’t Take Pictures with Fans Anymore

By Samantha Boden
Posted On May 11, 2016

Justin Bieber is done taking pictures, so next time you see him, don’t expect him to stand there and pose with you. The 22-year-old shared an unapologetic Instagram post informing his fans that he’s gotten to the point that people won’t even say hi to him or recognize him as a human. All of it makes him feel like a zoo animal. And even though you bought an album, it doesn’t say in the fine print that whenever you see Bieber, you get a photo. When some fan called him out on it, Justin calmly explained that he wants to enjoy life and not be a slave to the world and their demands. Of course, he’s not the first celeb to take this stance. Only a week before, Amy Schumer called out an overzealous fan and said she will no longer take pictures with fans. She quickly recanted that statement, but made it clear she won’t do it unless she’s in the right mood and they’re nice people. Wonder if Amy and Justin will pose for a pic together?