Kelly Ripa Furious Over Michael Strahan’s Departure, Future at ABC

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Kelly Ripa is possibly the most bubbly morning host in the world. But after the sudden announcement that her co-host Michael Strahan would be leaving her for Good Morning America, it could be an all out civil war at ABC. TMZ reports that Kelly is livid over Strahan’s departure and feels disrespected that no one at Disney (who owns ABC) let her know of the decision. In fact, Live! with Kelly and “blank” may now cease to exist because the network could give an extra hour to GMA. It’ll reportedly be Strahan who will slide into Live! with Kelly’s allotted time. Apparently GMA has been struggling to keep their audience and by extending the show, they are hoping to bring in new viewers. Kelly has been entertaining audiences with variations of her morning show for more than a decade. She hosted with Regis Philbin for ten years before Michael joined the show.  We’ll see if Kelly sticks around, but it’s understandable that she might be mad enough to finally sleep in and change the channel.



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