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Kelly Ripa Looks Confident on Michael Strahan’s Last Day

By Samantha Boden
Posted On May 12, 2016

Look at that swagger as Kelly Ripa heads to work, or should we say Michael Strahan’s last day of work. Michael doesn’t look quite as confident as he shows up to his last day working on Live! with Kelly and Michael. He’s moving on over to Good Morning America. And maybe he doesn’t look too happy because he knows Kelly is seemingly saying, “Good Riddance!” If we freeze frame the back of her jacket, you can make out that it reads, “Freedom.” Michael’s exit from the show was sudden and it’s reported that Kelly was blindsided by the news and saw it as a huge sign of disrespect. Since then, the awkwardness has apparently been abundant on set and during the show. Kelly has reportedly kept her dressing room door completely closed and done things like brought up Michael’s divorce on air without his prior knowledge. Michael may be happy she’ll be getting her freedom soon!