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Update: Kelly Ripa Recovers From Bad Breakup With Michael Strahan

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Apr 26, 2016
Update: Kelly Ripa Recovers From Bad Breakup With Michael Strahan

Today, Kelly Ripa returned to Live! with Kelly and Michael after taking a few days off from the heartbreaking news of Michael Strahan leaving her on the show. It has been announced that Michael’s last show will be May 13th and will be with Good Morning America a little before September.


Last Friday, Ripa expressed that she needed some time to process the big news. She wrote an email to staff stating, “I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information. Your kindness, support, and love has overwhelmed me. We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning. Love, Kelly.”


Looks like some time off is exactly what she needed. This morning she was able to joke and sincerely express how happy she was for Michael’s opportunity. Here’s a glimpse of what she said on the show:
“Guys, guys, guys. Guys, guys, guys, our long national nightmare is over. Please, be seated. Look, I am not — I’m going to be completely honest. I’m fairly certain that there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case I drift too far off message. OK. I first want to honestly, sincerely thank you for welcoming me back to the show. The show of support through this bizarre time has been really overwhelming. I really — I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts after 26 years with this company, I earned the right and let’s be honest. I know half of you called in sick to be here, so we get each other.”


…”They didn’t say anything about Christmas bonuses. But there is a commitment to this show and that the people that work here and most importantly to you, the viewers, who have watched us every day for 30 years. I am thrilled for Michael. I’m thrilled for you. This is a tremendous opportunity and I couldn’t be and we couldn’t be prouder of you. And everything we accomplished together. So back to the show, this entertainment. It’s supposed to be entertaining. So let’s get back to what we do best and start the show. Oh, wait. Incidentally, I just want to say one thing. My dad who was a bus driver for 30 years thinks we’re all crazy. And I think he’s right.”


Now that Kelly Ripa is feeling a little better, I’m wondering how long it will take their fans to recover.