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Kylie Jenner Doesn’t Just Contour Her Face…

By Alexus Breau
Posted On Feb 25, 2016
Kylie Jenner Doesn’t Just Contour Her Face…

Just when you think you have watched all the contour tutorial videos, Kylie Jenner drops a bombshell.

No, it’s not how to perfect your lips, or how to take the perfect selfie…

Get ready to add 20 more minutes to your beauty routine because contouring your ears just became a thing.

Kylie released a new make-up tutorial in her app where¬†her makeup artist Hrush Ahemyan is demonstrating how to get the smoky rock star eye. But as soon as you think her face is finished, she tells Ahemyan “Oh yeah, I like when you do my ears.”

When I first heard about ear contouring I thought that it sounded a little ridiculous. But once you hear the explanation it all makes sense.

Ahemyan explains that “it’s a really good tip that a lot of people don’t do because it’s really not cute when you’re on the red carpet, or you get snapped and then your face is one color, and the ears are different. It shows the tone is not really your skin tone and you have on a lot of foundation. Just like your neck, your ears are a part of your face.”

It’s all about the blending, cause no one wants a multi-toned complexion ;).

What do you guys think about this new make-up trick?