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LeBron DM’s Model and Gets Caught

By Julie Fink
Posted On Apr 13, 2016
LeBron DM’s Model and Gets Caught

DISCLAIMER: I am from Cleveland and I do not endorse this message.

However … when King James sends a “Hey whats up!!” DM to bootylicious model, Rachel Bush, we have issues. Rumors have been swirling around the internet since Tuesday about this alleged hook up. One of the most accomplished players in the history of basketball, has been caught cheating on his wife with an Instagram model!?!

She is very pretty, and her Instagram is filled with butt pics. Many, many, many pictures of her butt. I can see the allure.

On @barstool_sports snap? crazy day, getting ready for a crazier night ???? stay tuned ????

A photo posted by Rachel Bush??? (@rachelbush) on

Here is the rundown: First. This is what happens when you DM an Instagram model… she is going to tweet it. After James allegedly sent her a DM that said, “Hey, what’s up!” with his shirt off through his verified Instagram account, she posted the message to her Twitter account with the caption “Haha wut?” It was scrubbed from her Twitter account, along with every tweet and picture on the @Rachel_bush page. Lucky for creepers of the web, the message was preserved on Barstool Sports. King James DM Second. The plot thickens as Rachel posted this pic on IG the day before when she attended the game in Cleveland on Monday. The message used a basketball emoji and said with bae – “before anyone else,” or babe –  James was pictured in the shot even though she was attending with her boyfriend, Cleveland Browns football player, Jordan Pryor.

? with bae? A photo posted by Rachel Bush??? (@rachelbush) on

Third. Husband to high school sweet heart, Savannah Brinson, and father of three, LeBron James got caught.

James and Rachel confirmation

Barstool Sports had no filter when hitting up Rachel for confirmation: “I mean if I could just drop my name on chicks this hot and have them freak out I’d do it to. Just no need to be hypocritical and act like you’re off social media while you’re out their creeping like the rest of us. And just so people know this isn’t fake because we confirmed it. The most journalistic integrity we’ve ever had.”

They are referring to LeBron’s “Zero Dark Thirty – 23” mission not to partake in social media during the post-season so he can focus on the game. Meanwhile, he’s a creeper just like most dudes.

Here is my call out: LeBron, we all know how you roll. Just don’t humiliate your family while doing it. Let’s go 23, step your game up!