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London Has Fallen Los Angeles Premiere

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 02, 2016
London Has Fallen Los Angeles Premiere

Last night was the long-awaited premiere of London Has Fallen, the sequel to the 2013 hit Olympus Has Fallen, which made over $150 million at the box office. This time around, Secret Service agent Mike Banning has to save the world’s most powerful leaders who are the target of a terrorist attack in London. The leaders are in London to pay their respects after the death of the British Prime Minister.


We’re so glad to see the all-star cast back together for the 2nd installment. According to the stars of the film, expect more action. Aaron Eckhart says, “It’s a sequel so you have to go bigger.”


Watch the interviews below with the cast.


Aaron Eckhart says whenever you go to Europe, everything gets a little bit bigger.


Gerard Butler promises more action than the first film.


Angela Bassett gave us some insight into what the audience should expect.


Morgan Freeman’s character is given more power this time around.


Radha Mitchell shares that she and Mike Banning are expecting a child in the sequel.


The actors also visited military bases over the weekend. Click here to watch those interviews.

Photo credit: Splash News