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Meet Teppy the Giraffe, Your New Best Friend

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 24, 2016
Meet Teppy the Giraffe, Your New Best Friend

Fitness tracker marries 90’s gadget Tamagotchi and hatches a handy fitness app that boosts your exercise endeavors. With this app, you get a pet giraffe that you are responsible for by feeding it points – which you get from activities and exercise. If you don’t work out and get points, your giraffe kicks the bucket. Wah, wah.


The app is called Tep, the name of the giraffe (full name Teppy). Tep is a free app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that has a very simple premise. All you need to take care of your giraffe is a run, walk, or cycle.

  • Every time you exercise you get a coin reward.
  • After selecting your workout, the app tracks your distance, time, and pace, complete with feedback.
  • You can also trade it for treats that “make your virtual pet happy”.
  • The “treats” are a wide selection of food and drinks that you can trade in for coins.
  • You start off with 1,500 coins to feed your giraffe.


Oh, and another fun note is that you can re-name your pet giraffe once you login. I’m currently between names, Jake (short for Jake Gyllenhaal) and Yoda.

Some features include an array of helpful displays; like a diary in the form of a calendar to track all your activity and events. It also integrates with Fitbit and Jawbone, in case you have an additional tracking device. Yaaaaas!

The bottom line to this quippy pet app is that the makers behind the giraffe just want you to stay active. I think we all can identify with starting off a fitness jag with motivation and determination. You get all your classes lined up, hit up TJ Maxx for some extra sports bras, talk up your bf and bff’s to join you, etc. Then, after a week or two, maybe three, we loose steam. This app is just a tool to help keep you motivated so that you stay on track.

Nowadays with social media fitness challenges popping up every other day, people are catching on that accountability is something that works. Having to answer to someone or something, such as a digital giraffe, actually helps us to keep focus and not give up.37485-Tamagotchi-Pink-Heart_R1

Back in the 90’s, the little egg-shaped toy called a Tamagotchi, had users addicted to keeping their pet alive. In the late 70’s, the ‘pet rock’ was conceived using the same premise. Tep takes the idea of accountability and pairs it with a cutesy giraffe. I don’t want Jake Gyllenhaal/Yoda to die so, therefore; I’m going to get up and run instead of watching another episode of Game of Thrones/Sex and the City.

I get it. It’s cute. It works.

Photos: Gettep.com