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Melissa McCarthy Announces Great News about the Gilmore Girls Revival

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 08, 2016
Melissa McCarthy Announces Great News about the Gilmore Girls Revival

We originally heard that Melissa McCarthy would unfortunately not be able to make an appearance in the Gilmore Girls revival, but things have changed.

After weeks of the constant back and forth and playing a few rounds of he said, she said, we finally know for sure that Sookie will be returning to Stars Hollow after all.


Melissa McCarthy, who plays Lorelai’s chef best friend on our favorite mother-daughter due show, revealed to Ellen on Thursday night that she will in fact be a part of the Netflix rendition of the show.

“There has been something that I’ve been asked about so many times, and it hasn’t worked out,” Melissa told Ellen. “Literally about an hour and a half ago, we figured out that I am going to go back and do it, and I am so excited.”

There was uncertainty about her ability to do the role mainly because of her hectic schedule. Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy movie, “The Boss” is scheduled to premiere this weekend which is one of the reasons Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino just couldn’t seem to squeeze Sookie in. She did, however, state her plea earlier in February:

“Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over to the set, even if for just a cameo, we would be totally game. And if it’s a last-minute thing, I would write her in and we would figure it out. That’s the way we left it.”

Well, all is good in the world after all. The universe has heard our cry and rewarded us with the great news. This is just one more reason to love Melissa McCarthy. We can’t wait to see what she’ll be cooking up for the new season.

Watch the clip here of when she excitedly revealed the big news and share your thoughts!

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