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Melissa McCarthy Plus-Size Fashion Trailblazer

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 09, 2015
Melissa McCarthy Plus-Size Fashion Trailblazer

Since the launch of Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7 plus-size clothing line in August, more and more retailers are seizing the curvy fashion takeover trend.

In a recent article, Jezebel reports, ‘Shoppers eagerly responded to her clothing line and the actress has proved to a blind industry that women, in fact, come in many sizes.’ In response to McCarthy’s success, more designers and retailers will now offer plus-sized clothing.

The fire first started when many designers refused to make her a dress for the 2012 Oscars. And that fire is now blazing a trail for growth in the $19.9 billion plus-size clothing market. McCarthy’s Seven7 can be seen on the Home Shopping Network and on shopping racks in Nordstrom and Macy’s.

I am not surprised in McCarthy’s success and that her vision is being realized and capitalized. However, it’s shocking that it took an actress, and not a fashion designer to create the trend. Nevertheless, we’ve got the ball rolling. Bold hints have been dropped by the pioneering covers of Sports Illustrated and Women’s Fitness Magazine with their first use of plus-sized models.

So, in terms of who gets the magazine covers, what sizes fashion houses design for, and what type of body is promoted as “sexy”, the walls of societal norms are breaking and we, for one, are clasping the hammers. With the likes of actress Melissa McCarthy leading the plus-size fashion pack, things can get pretty fabulous.