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Mind Your Work Day

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Nov 13, 2015

When I think about the word “wellness”, my physical health instantly comes to mind. One evening, while I was enjoying my Café con Leche at my favorite Cuban spot, I had an epiphany. Wellness is much more than your physical health, it is a positive approach to life and the harmony of everything in life that contributes to health, happiness, and success. I started thinking…”Where do people spend the majority of their waking hours?” Any guesses? As much as I would love my answer to be swaying in a hammock to Bob Marley tunes and sipping on a Piña Colada; the reality is most of our time is spent working- “shocker” said no one ever.

If a big percentage of our lives revolve around our current occupations, then why are Monday mornings so daunting? I have arrived at “occupational wellness”. The attitude you have about work and using your unique skills and talents to contribute to work that is both personally meaningful and rewarding. According to Forbes, 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at work. Personally, that is downright depressing! But do not despair! Here are some tips to keep you smiling at work:

  1. Take a break, go chat up the office cutie or work those legs and take a walk around the building
  2. Organize, organize, organize…trust me, knowing where everything is will reduce anxiety and help you focus on your tasks
  3. Set Goals! Start with small goals and upon achieving those you will be motivated to tackle the bigger ones. You got this!
  4. Speak up! Do not be afraid to let your boss know you want to get involved in certain projects/areas
  5. Life after work- I know that actually exists! Reward yourself and go to happy hour with your girlfriends, go on date night with your sweetheart or simply go for a run. Doing things outside of work will help to keep you motivated as it won’t seem as if all you do is “work”

And listen to my good ol’ wise friend Aristotle, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”!