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Netflix Official: A Modern Showmance

By Julie Fink
Posted On Feb 12, 2016
Netflix Official: A Modern Showmance

Moving in together. Meeting the parents. Changing your Facebook relationship status. These are all big steps in a relationship, but are you and your significant other “Netflix Official?”

There comes a moment in every relationship when sharing your coveted Netflix password with your loved one takes place. And you know how the saying goes… those who stream together, stay together!

According to a recent Netflix survey, 51% of respondents feel that sharing their Netflix account is a very big step toward a ‘serious’ relationship. And, a majority say that they wait until they are dating exclusively to do so.

Follow along with these incredibly lovable (and hysterical) streaming stages of a “Netflix Official” relationship…

Photo Credit: Netflix

Hopefully, you and your loved one are on the same show wave length and share each others passwords amicably. If you have been rejected or dumped due to the withholding of your Netflix password, you don’t have to take that abuse.

CAUTION: A sign that your relationship is failing and/or terminated is when you see ‘Wrong Password’ when logging into Netflix. Please recognize the signs.

If you or anyone you know has fallen casualty to the Netflix password trap, please call the NA (Netflix Anonymous) hotline for support at 1-800-NET-TRAP or Tweet us with hashtag #CantHandletheNet and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

The showmance is real with this fun parody video called “500 Hours – Binge For Love” . . .

Happy Streaming!

Photo Credit: Netflix