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NEW! Orange Is The New Black IS BACK

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 10, 2016
NEW! Orange Is The New Black IS BACK


With about a month to endure before Orange Is The New Black returns on Netflix, the streaming service has blessed us with a brand-new trailer for season four.

Litchfield shifts to a for-profit prison and “it’s sardines time” as Aleida Diaz, a prisoner, says. The change brings in 100 new inmates as promised last season, stricter rules, and more clashing personalities than ever.

There’s a minor mention of President Obama, an intimate scene between Poussey and Brooke, and Taystee seems to be getting acquainted with her new role as prison secretary. Oh, and Piper… she’s still paranoid, while “Crazy Eyes” somehow ends up in a hospital bed.

We, the fans of Orange Is The New Black, binge watched the entire third season three in one sitting, and at its finale, our hearts were full of despair. As summer approaches, it’s about that time to start lurking through the cast’s Instagram photos and looking for them in other places. Before you start creeping, check out the newly released trailer for the series’ upcoming season below.

Who else is excited to find out what happened to the inmates after their escape at the end of season three? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo Credit: Netflix