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Pia Gladys Perey “Naked Princess” Fashion Show

By Lauren Ford
Posted On May 09, 2016
Pia Gladys Perey “Naked Princess” Fashion Show

This weekend, Pia Gladys Perey held a preview of her new bridal collection in West Hollywood at the Naked Princess, a glamorous lingerie store. The event was full of vibrant energy, beautiful people, and stunning goddess-like designs.

We caught up with the leading lady, Pia Gladys Perey, where she told us about her fashion inspiration. “I was obsessed with Greek Mythology in high school, so it’s very much inspired by Greek Mythology but then I translated into what the modern woman wants. I call it ageless fashion. It’s just a matter of understanding how our body changes throughout these different periods in life.” She also talks about the moment she found out that Angelina Jolie was wearing her dresses. It may have involved her water breaking. Watch the full interview.

Television personality, Daphne Wayans was also in attendance. She dishes on the best beauty advice she’s ever been given. “Let your beauty shine through. Let the beautiful you shine from within. You can put makeup and everything on top but let your beauty exude.” We also find out that she hasn’t had a TV in her house for 25 years and that her secret indulgence is cartoons. Find out what her favorite show is below.

The Bold and the Beautiful actress and model, Tia Shipman lets us in on the secret of being a true “New You.” “To be a New You, you have to be a New You from within. To do that you have to just breathe, meditate, think positive thoughts, be nice to others. It’s not so much about always being beautiful all the time.” She also talks her love for Pia, her designs, and the way she feels when she wears them.

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