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Raise A Child Honors Gala

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 02, 2016
Raise A Child Honors Gala

Celebrities and supporters gathered Sunday at the Historic Jim Henson Company Lot for a good cause. RaiseAChild.US hosted their Annual HONORS Fundraising Gala to recognize prominent supporters of adoption and foster care programs.

This year, celebrity wellness expert and adoption advocate, Jillian Michaels and her partner Heidi Rhoades will be honored during a special award ceremony in addition to other activists. Other celebrity guests include Cat Sadler (E! News), Leona Lewis (Singer), and Roxy Sowlaty (Rich Kids of Beverly Hills).

Michaels and Rhoades are proud parents to adopted daughter Lukensia, 5, who they adopted from Haiti in 2012.

New You was on the red carpet to speak to the honorees and guests as they arrived to support this amazing cause.

Jillian Michaels

We were ecstatic to talk to the go-to queen of fitness as Jillian gladly offered up some of her expert advice. “Partner workouts are trending and anything that makes fitness more fun is important,” she says with enthusiasm. “The 80/20 rule is a good thing to follow. Eat 80% clean and 20% have fun with your foods and just try to avoid chemicals at all costs.”

“We want to do whatever we can to raise awareness,” Jillian gushes about her adopted daughter and what an honor it is to be recognized at the ceremony. “We feel so lucky to have our daughter and so blessed, it feels a little silly to get an award for it.”

Here more from our favorite fitness maven as she dishes on Mother’s Day plans, her wedding details with longtime partner Heidi Rhoades, and more:

Ricky Rebel

Musician and fashionista Ricky Rebel let us in on some of his fabulous makeup tips and fashion trends. He is especially loving blue this year and says, “Blue just has a calming and cooling effect but also keeps it hot as it’s the center of a flame.” He works with a team called the Rebel Mafia who helps him to come up with his different and unique looks. I want a Rebel Mafia! Hear more from Ricky Rebel below:  


Lilimar is a Venezuelan teen actress who is known for her role as Sophie in Bella and the Bulldogs and her spunky personality. She chats with  New You about her fave beauty trends which include lip kits, braids, and American Apparel.

As one of the largest fundraisers in the city each year, the HONORS gala recognizes notable advocates and aims to help LGBT and Latino communities build families through foster and adoption programs to address the needs of the 400,000 children in our country’s foster care system. Learn more about this groundbreaking organization at RaiseAChild.US.