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REVEALED: Women Are Taking Over the Film Industry

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 19, 2016
REVEALED: Women Are Taking Over the Film Industry


Three more days until the Festival De Cannes comes to a conclusion, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching women gradually taking over the film industry, but these talented beauties have reassured us that change is truly happening! Even if you’re not in the film industry, prepare for the overwhelming inspiration given by these strong women in the 2016 Women in Motion Talks.



Sarah Sarandon made us grab our box of tissues and cry like babies when we found out she had cancer in the film, Stepmom. Well, she and Geena Davis, lead actresses in Thelma & Louise, remind us that there’s no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, and no river wide enough to keep us from getting to our goals! They believe that as long as the industry is aware of what they’re putting out, there will be endless possibilities opening up that will change the industry’s staff to half men and half women.


Jodie Foster

Silence of the Lamb’s Jodie Foster, 53, has had accolades piling up since the age of 2! Actor, director, producer, you name it, let us in on the changes she’s seen in the industry involving women directors and producers as well as what grinds her gears about male writers.


Keri Putnam, Celine Rattray, & Rena Ronson

More women with a great deal of achievements also join the talk and express how the motion picture industry has slowly started to involve more women: Keri Putnam, executive director of Sundance Institute; Celine Rattray, founder of Maven Pictures; and Rena Ronson, head of UTA Independent Film Group. Find a mentor who embodies one of these women if you want powerful advice such as “act as if you know and you can…”


Alice Winocour & Houda Benyamina

Now, let’s get deep into film influencers from abroad. Alice Winocour, French writer and director, thanked Chantal Akerman and Agnes Varda, powerful women in the French film movement, for fighting hard before us. Watch her express her appreciation for having the privilege to be a successful woman in the film industry.


What a great way to celebrate diversity and support women who have contributed to cinema! If you need more motivation and inspiration, watch more of the “Women In Motion” Talks here.

Photo Credit: Splashnews.com