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Watch Selena Gomez’s Steamy New Video

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Dec 22, 2015
Watch Selena Gomez’s Steamy New Video


Remember Selena Gomez’s Beats Pill ad, that doubled as a “Hands to Myself” music video teaser? Well, she is back in her black lingerie with the full video and it is as hot as ever.

Selena starts off her saucy video in handcuffs and ends it naked in a bathtub. Naughty, Naughty. The video is about a girl who is seemingly obsessed with a boy. A boy who’s house she is prancing around half naked in while he is away. She lays on his bed, goes through his closet, and has flashbacks of when they were together. The song lyrics “Cant keep my hands to myself. No matter how hard I’m trying to”  clearly portray that they are no good for each other. As the song goes on the lyrics start to depict the girl as crazy, “My doctors say you’re no good. I’d breathe you in every single day.” Which takes us to the end of the video where we find out she is in fact straight up psychotic. The guy she is fantasizing about comes home and unexpectedly finds this girl in his house. So he calls the cops, and she is arrested. The video ends with the two of them snuggled up on the couch, watching the events of the video on TV. So it was all a film? Hmm…

For some reason, it feels like this video is aimed at the Biebs. She had her stint at rehab and blamed him for her time there. So maybe the girl in the video isn’t so far away from how Sel really feels about Bieber.

Either way, the battle of the breakup continues between Selena and Justin. What will happen next?