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Serena Williams Reaction to Sharapova’s Failed Drug Test

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Mar 09, 2016
Serena Williams Reaction to Sharapova’s Failed Drug Test

After news broke of Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test results, her rival Serena Williams commented on the shocking confession during a press conference yesterday.

When asked about her thoughts on the situation, Williams had this to say, “I think most people were happy she was upfront and very honest and showed a lot of courage to admit to what she had done and what she had neglected to look at in terms of the list at the end of the year.”

The tennis star further added, “It’s just taking responsibility, which she admitted that she was willing to do and ready to do. Just hope for the best for everybody in that situation.”

The California native could have taken a very different route while commenting on Sharapova but instead of bashing the athlete she [Williams] was a true class act and showcased a high pedigree of sportsmanship.

Watch the video below of the 34-year-old praising and displaying her unwavering support for Maria Sharapova. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.