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Sex vs. Game

By Julie Fink
Posted On Apr 21, 2016
Sex vs. Game

I’ve only binge-watched two shows in my life: Sex and the City & Game of Thrones. One was due to a bad break up, the other was during a hurricane … both are major disasters in my book that were greatly eased by HBO’s finest. So naturally, I decided to play a twisted game of match maker in the off chance the two universes of New York City and Westeros, collide.

If Sex and the City characters dated Game of Thrones characters, who would make out with who…

Carrie Bradshaw & Robb Stark
Charming. Curly Hair. Hero.

Carrie and Robb

These two are the champions of the shows, the ones for whom we root and cheer. Our hearts soar with their victories and break with their defeats. Plus, they both had pretty crappy weddings. I’d say the weddings of both Robb and Carrie (the “Red Wedding” and the “Big Wedding”) are arguably the most devastating television nuptials in all of TV history…

The Big Wedding


The Red Wedding


Miranda Hobbes & Tyrion Lannister
Snarky. Smart. Keen.

Miranda and Tyrion

You know if Tyrion had the chance to walk around flaunting a Harvard mug, he totally would. Only instead of coffee, it would hold wine.

Samantha Jones & Khal Drogo
Sexy Sex God & Goddess

Samantha and Khal

Can you imagine if these two got together?! Neither of them would outlast each other. They literally ooze sex…


Charlotte York & Jon Snow
Strong Willed. Good. Gorgeous.

Charlotte and Jon

These two may not have the intensity or outspoken nature as their fellow renegades, but they are the advocates for what is true and good in each show. I dream that they get married and have beautiful Episcopalian brunette babies.

Mr. Big & Cersei Lannister
Stone Cold. Freezing. Arctic.

Big and Cersei

And then there are the emotionless… totally disconnected yet mystifying to watch. In the end, Mr. Big grew a heart. Will the Queen be able to do the same?

Natasha & Jaime Lannister
Love is a battlefield.

Natasha and Jaime

The two that got left behind: One lost a hand and the other, a half a tooth. Hugs.

Jerry “Smith” Jerrod & Daenerys Targaryen
Absolute Vodka & Dragons for Life!

Smith and Khaleesi

Thank the Gods for shiny golden locks of greatness… Khaleesi and Smith would be the sun, the stars and the moon.

Aidan Shaw & Brienne of Tarth
Gentle Spirit. Passion. Handsomely Beautiful.

Aidan and Brienne

Loveable. Totally, totally lovable. Whoever dislikes either of these characters needs a Zoloft.

Burger & Ygritte
You know nothing … about breaking up.

Burger and Ygritte

When these two break up, he will leave a post-it on her tent and she will then hunt him down and shoot him with arrows.

Trey MacDougal & Margaery Tyrell

Trey and MargTyrell

After living through challenging marriages and extreme heartache over infertility treatments and being married to a demon, these two deserve each other. Give yourselves a break, alrighty?!

Anthony Marentino & King Joffrey Baratheon
The Fierce Queen and Evil King

Anthony and Jeoffrey edit

King Joffrey was brutal but so were Anthony’s feisty judgements.

Stanford Blatch & The Faceless Man
I feel like these two have so many different looks. LOL.

Stanford and Faceless Man

Bunny & Littlefinger
Sly. Mind Ninja. Finaglers.

Bunny and Pyter

You can both take your mallards and mockingbirds and shove them! We don’t need your scheming and conniving all up in our business.

Richard Wright & Cersei Lannister

After the Queen kills Big for not giving her the keys to his apartment, she snags hotel tycoon Richard Wright, and they live un-happily ever after…

Richard and Cersei

The End. #YouAreWelcome

Photo Credits: HBO