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Slay in These “Healthy Heels”

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 24, 2016
Slay in These “Healthy Heels”

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Feet are made to rock from heel to toe not from back to front, which is the motion they execute when you force them in those cute stilettos you wear when you’re out with the girls. Even though they’re trendy and versatile, ballet flats and gladiator sandals are not everyone’s top choices. So those of us who opt for heels need to at least choose the right kind to lessen problematic feet conditions such as bunions, swelling, and arthritis. The wrong heels can also cause major damage to the body when the weight is forced on the wrong joints, but no matter how many lectures they’re given about the harms of high heels, some fashionistas will hold on to their shoe obsession until they literally can’t anymore. Finding cute heels that do not cause so much stress to the body can be fairly difficult but here are the main styles you should be looking for in regards to the construction of the shoe.


Wedges/ Wide Heels

Wedges are not only cute and perfect for the summer; they’re capable of giving you the height that you yearn for while lessening the unhealthy pressure applied to the balls of your feet. If wedges aren’t your style, thicker heels are another option that can lessen the possibilities of any irregularities dealing with your feet.




Soft Leather + Rounded Toe

Ill-fitting shoes can cause corns and calluses. If you’re a victim of this, soft leather and round toe shoes might be for you. Your toes won’t rub against the leather, and a rounded toe will give them wiggle room so that your joints aren’t as susceptible to damage. A maximum height of two inches is recommended, and gel inserts can lessen chances of blistering.




Thick Sole

How many of us are guilty of squeezing into heels that are too small or scrunching our toes when our heels lack grip because of its poor construction? You are increasing the chances of getting dislocated toe joints. Thicker soled shoes can help prevent this as well as prevent corns and calluses, which can be caused from high heels, and last but not least, embarrassing moments. Who even wants to think about tripping or slipping in their favorite pumps in front of a crowd of people?




Becoming pickier about the construction of your shoes will help you take care of your feet without even thinking about it. But before slipping on your shoes, try calf stretches and standing on the tips of your toes. After a long day of wearing heels, do the same along with rotating the ankles. These exercises will stretch out the joints, lessening stiffness and cramping while bringing the foot back to normal.