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Starbucks Introduces “Coffee on Tap”

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 31, 2016
Starbucks Introduces “Coffee on Tap”

It’s summertime… cue the iced-coffee! Starbucks is cashing in on its latest innovation called the “Nitro brew.” It’s a cold coffee infused with nitrogen and served through a beer tap. So basically, it’s like beer, but coffee.

“It almost comes out like a Guinness beer,” CEO Howard Schultz told CNNMoney’s Cristina Alesci. “These are craft products, not dissimilar to the trend of craft beer.”

From barista’s to bartenders, Starbucks is rolling out its beer tap style brew to appeal to the millennial market. Just like its ready-to-drink frappuccinos we all know and love, it’s another testament to the ingenuity and forward thinking that keeps the mega coffee chain on top.

Schultz explained they began serving the brew at the Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle in March for $3.95, and it became the second-best selling item on the menu. For over a year, they tested it and soon after decided to expand.


CNN reports that the Nitro brew is coming to 500 Starbucks stores across Seattle, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland. The retailer is also introducing a new “cold bar” menu at its 10,000 North American stores this summer. It will include classic drinks like iced coffee, cold brew, and iced espresso — and a couple of new ideas, including a “vanilla sweet cream” to top off a cold coffee and a “double shot on ice” made with chilled espresso, a dash of milk, and a bit of sugar.

The Nitro brew will be different from iced-coffee, however. Cold brewed coffees are made by steeping ground coffee beans in cold water for many hours before serving and are different from iced-coffee, which is typically brewed hot coffee that is poured over ice.

I’m sure it’ll be delicious and addicting just like everything else in that caffeine-riddled palace of pleasure.  In Starbuck’s defense, the word “barista” in Italian means “bartender” so it was only a matter a time before this was going to happen.