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Step Brothers 2 CONFIRMED!

By Julie Fink
Posted On Mar 21, 2016
Step Brothers 2 CONFIRMED!

Dragon and Nighthawk are back for Step Brothers 2! Will Ferrell has recently confirmed that a Step Brothers sequel will be produced. Ferrell plans to re-team with writer-director Adam McKay to pen a script for the proposed follow-up which will include John C. Reilly.

The 2008 film featured Ferrell and Reilly as two unemployed 40-year-olds who clash when their parents (Richard Jenkins and Mary Steenburgen) marry. But what will they be up to in Step Brothers 2?

“So we are kind of kicking around the idea of one for Step Brothers because it’s kind of an anti-sequel sequel,” Ferrell said in a report.

“I don’t know what that means,” the reporter said back. LOL!

“Meaning it’s just like the movie that you wouldn’t choose, necessarily. I mean, Talladega Nights makes a lot of sense on paper. Anchorman is kind of written. Step Brothers… it’s crazy how it’s grown and grown and grown, now that it’s been out there in the world — I always get more Step Brothers references from college kids than I get anything else.”

Nothing is tied down yet, but rest assured, it is happening. I’m hoping for more Cops-watching, drum-fighting, sailboat-crashing, karaoke-singing, wine-mixing fun with Brennan and Dale!

Source: popkey.co