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Super Bowl 50 Ads: Drake, Doritos & More

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Feb 08, 2016
Super Bowl 50 Ads: Drake, Doritos & More

Last night’s Super Bowl was full of epic moments, tears and history in the making. And with the leading night in television comes the greatest commercials. Granted the commercial pattern went a little like this: car commercial, beer commercial, movie trailer, we still got our share of the awww’s and lmbo’s (laughing my butt off’s).

Here are the top 5 Super Bowl 50 ads:

T-Mobile- Restricted Bling


Pure genius. T-Mobile gave us our favorite meme of the year in commercial form. Drake in all his awkward moving, gray turtle-necked glory. Then the suits come in and ask him to change up his lyrics to more reflect the brand. “When you say “call me on my cellphone’ just add “Device eligible for upgrade after 24 months.’ “And after ‘Going places where you don’t belong,” add ‘Mexico and Canada are not included.’ “Drake replies “ I’ve told a lot of people I’m from Canada, but I lied.” The executives then ask to go in the box and look right at home. Drake taught them well.

Pantene- Dad-Do

There’s just something about the contrast of a big hunky NFL player and his little girl. Something that we can’t help but love especially when said NFL player is doing his daughter’s hair. The message here is powerfully heartwarming and definitely aww- generating. “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.” I’m going to need everyone to go and hug their dad right now and maybe ask him to give you a dad-do.

Bud Light- The Bud Light Party

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan set out to create the best political party thus far: The Bud Light Party.  Uniting American’s through their love of beer, Paul Rudd, emojis, burritos, free parking and three day weekends. They claim they have the biggest caucus in the country. Rogan adds, “But it’s not like, too big,” and Schemer promises, “You can handle it.” Pretty much the greatest presidential duo since ever. #VoteBudLight.

Prius- The Wire Reunion


HBO’s The Wire fans got a mini reunion last night in Toyota’s Prius two-part commercial. The crew is at it again, this time robbing a bank. Their escape plan is flawed when their car gets towed, so they jack the closest car available: a Prius. The cops go on the chase of the century and are not able to catch the Prius in pursuit. The second spot continues with the chase, indicating it’s been going on for 27 days. Then the cops pull out the big guns and get their own Prius in on the chase. Watch the second spot below.

Doritos- Ultrasound


Probably the most talked about commercial, being that it could be taken as either hilarious or extremely disturbing,  was the Doritos spot. During his wife’s ultrasound, the unamused hubby is eating a bag of Doritos. He notices that the baby is following the chip and starts to have a little more fun. The wife takes the chip from him and throws it. In conclusion, the baby follows suit and delivers itself prematurely. Not sure if I will be eating Doritos anytime soon but I’m sure all the soon to be dads out there might add Doritos to their list of hospital necessities.

Which ad was your favorite? Comment below!