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T-Shirts, We Score

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Nov 06, 2015


Dressing up is fun, and often totally called for. Still, there’s something too perfect to resist about a great T-shirt with jeans. Here, two style categories from tee line Junk Food that are done so, so right.


by Andrew C. Stone


Junk Food T-shirts- Newyou.com
Photo Credit: Junk Food Clothing

It’s hard to argue with the perfectly hanging, soft-to-the-touch T-shirts and sweats from Junk Food. Constructed of high-quality cotton-jersey, Junk Food’s apparel is all about nostalgia, fun, and celebrating precisely the things we love. From classic band logos and film art to team gear and beloved cartoons, this line has something for everyone. Here, two categories that truly speak to our listening. (Styles tend to run approximately $32 to $36 for crew neck tees, $54 for raglans, and $90 for hoodies.) (junkfoodclothing.com).


Super Stars

Unless you’ve been locked in the attic or trapped under something heavy for a long while, you know that superhero-themed TV shows and movies are society’s preferred form of entertainment these days. Why? Is it the incredible CGI at Hollywood’s disposal? Do we collectively want to believe the seemingly impossible is indeed an eventuality? Whatever the reason, it sure is fun to imagine ourselves leaping tall buildings in a single bound and laying waste to every bad guy in the room. Junk Food has an awesome selection of tees emblazoned with superhero logos and comic book images — from Wonder Woman and Batman to Spidey and Wolverine. Best of all, they don’t hang like cheap-o “fan gear.” They hug the body, are cut to flatter, and feel great to wear.


Sport Authorities

Autumn athletic fever has officially gripped the nation. As nearly everyone we know is glued to the gridiron — including plenty of women, who comprise 45 percent of all football fans — it’s nice to know we can look the part without sacrificing our fashion sense. Junk Food has emblazoned their latest offerings with vintage styles from our favorite NFL and NBA teams. These tees have an authentic, weathered look and hang as if we’ve been breaking them in since childhood. There’s no better way to say, “Make some room on the couch and get me a beer,” than to stroll into the TV room in one of these sexy, nostalgic numbers. And gifting a fellow with one out of nowhere? Well you just might make a grown man cry.

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Photo Credit: Junk Food Clothing