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Taylor Swift Makes More Than You Think

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 06, 2016
Taylor Swift Makes More Than You Think


To continue New You’s theory that 2016 is the year of the woman – Billboard just announced that Taylor Swift is the highest-paid musician. Though the ranks are based on how much the artists made in 2015, the news dropped yesterday, and now the country-star turned pop-sensation can add “top earner of the year” to her résumé.

Despite her revived feud with Kanye West, Tay managed to come out on top in terms of earnings. Thanks to her stadium-packed 1989 World Tour, she brought in a total of $61.7 million. This insane revenue pushed Ms. Swift up from the fifteenth spot in 2014 to number one on Billboard’s highest paid artists list.

The “Wildest Dreams” singer earned a total revenue of $73.5 million. She garnered $7.2 million from sales, $565,000 from streaming, and $4.1 million from publishing royalties. Billboard notes that Ryan Adams’ reinterpretation of her 1989 album also helped make her the top earner of publishing royalties.

Billboard released its full annual list of the highest paid musicians with Kenny Chesney ($39.8 million), the Rolling Stones ($39.6 million), Billy Joel ($31.7 million), and One Direction ($24.2 million) in the top five of 2015 earners. Adele ($20.5 million), The Weekend ($8.6 million), Drake ($7.4 million), and Nicki Minaj ($6.3 million) also made the money-makers list.