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The 19th Annual NHMC Impact Awards Gala

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Feb 29, 2016
The 19th Annual NHMC Impact Awards Gala

The 19th Annual National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) Impact Awards Gala celebrated its 30th anniversary celebration this weekend. The NHMC has been working for 30 years towards a media that is fair and inclusive of Latinos.  After last night’s fourth Oscar win by Mexican director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for The Revenant, and his touching speech on prejudice, I’d say their work is paying off.

New You was in attendance at the NHMC Impact Awards Gala and had the chance to catch up with some of the talented members of the NHMC.

We got to speak with honoree and winner of an NHMC award, Luis Guzman, who plays in the Netflix sensation Narcos. He talks about the industry and how things are changing for Latinos. “The industry has made strides. I do see more diversity. That does not mean that the work is at its end, as far as creating more diversity.” Watch the full interview below.

Telenovela star, Marisa Elisa Camargo talks beauty with us. She says that most Latinos are into the heavy brilliant makeup, but not her. She prefers to keep it more natural. She jokes, “you can be naked wearing nothing, no makeup, but if you have mascara, everything will be okay.” Amen to that!

Television writer, Rick Najera came to celebrate Latinos and their contribution to the United States. He also shares his Oscar predictions, hint hint Leo, and pokes some fun at Titanic. “When I saw him in Titanic, I thought, I hate to say it, but share the raft.” He said what we were all thinking.

 Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, Stephanie Beatriz talks to us about everyone’s arch nemesis, acne. Believe it or not, Beatriz struggles with acne like the rest of us.  She tells us her magic cure-all is facialist Shani Darden and her products.