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The Latest Trend In Retail Is Online Shopping

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On May 17, 2016
The Latest Trend In Retail Is Online Shopping

The US economy hasn’t looked great in a while and the same goes for our shopping carts.

The fact of the matter is, the carts on our favorite online stores are much more appealing than walking around in the mall these days. While we used to love the thrill of spending hours looking for the perfect weekend outfit, our hectic schedules have now disallowed us from doing that.

Online stores have seen a massive increase in sales while numerous well-known retailers have been forced to downsize or close down all together. Top retailers such as Macy’s, Gap, Sears, and Kohl’s have all reported plans on closing down several stores in the States.

While we’re all for shopping online, it’s important to recognize both the pros and cons of becoming an online shopping addict.


1) Save Time, Hassle, and Gas – If you’re one of those people who are in and out of the mall because you can’t stand the long lines and crowded stores, online shopping is a dream. Forget about getting dressed, looking for parking, and scrambling through disorganized racks to find one item. With online shopping, you can simply search for what you want and purchase without the hassle.

2) The store never closes – We’ve all been there, it’s 10 pm and you have a sudden urge for some retail therapy but all the malls are closed. Luckily, online stores are open 24/7 and there’s no shame in scrolling through hundreds of dresses in your pajamas at midnight.

3) Price Comparison – Online shopping makes it super easy to compare prices with other online retails to score the best deals. Try doing that at your local H&M. You won’t have the same luck.

4) No pushy sales people – Hey, welcome to ____! Hey, how may I help you? Hi there, looking for anything special today? NO! We all roll our eyes at the constant nagging we face with sales people in our favorite stores. It can be quite annoying trying to quickly find an outfit when there’s someone coming up to you every 10 minutes. If you love shopping in silence, online shopping is where it’s at.


1) Shipping Cost – How many times have you found yourself totally enamored with an item online until of course you get to checkout and realize that the shipping cost is more than the actual item? It’s easy to fall into this trap when online shopping so it’s best to stick to stores that have free shipping.

2) Wait Time – Obviously you can’t expect to go online shopping for an event you have the next day. Most online stores have an average of three to five for the arrival date after placing your order. This can definitely put a damper on your mood especially when you saw the perfect outfit online but still have to settle for the local shop at the mall.

3) Return Hassle – Something doesn’t fit at Forever 21? The process of exchanging is easy when you’re already in the store. But when you’re online shopping, things can get tricky. While some stores send a return label with your items, there are a few who do not do this. This can be such a pain and most times it’s not even worth sending it back, which means you end up not only losing money, but what could have been a great outfit as well.

4) Inability to Try On – This is definitely the biggest con with online shopping. Each store’s size chart varies and it’s very difficult to know your true size in something. If you have long legs, wide hips, or a short torso, you can relate all too well.

How do you feel about online shopping? We’d love to know!