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The New Starbucks Rewards Program 101

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Apr 12, 2016
The New Starbucks Rewards Program 101

Today is the day we have all been either waiting for or dreading depending on our Starbucks habits, the day of the new rewards program roll out.

Here is the rundown on the new Starbucks rewards program: Instead of earning a star for every purchase and getting a free drink after 12 stars, you now get two stars per dollar spent and a free drink after 125 stars. Which means that now it takes a minimum of $62.50 to get a free drink compared to a minimum of about $24 with the old app.

But what about your old stars? Your current stars will be multiplied by five. So say you were one star away from a free drink, your 11 stars will be multiplied by five giving you 55 stars.

New You- Stars

So essentially what The ‘Bucks is doing is rewarding those who spend a little bit more per purchase. So those getting the venti’s and adding pastries or bagels to their orders will rack up stars quickly, leaving those who are getting a $2 standard drip coffee far behind.

The company said this change to its reward program was the most-requested idea by Starbucks drinkers, who complained of waiting in line while other customers asked cashiers to ring up each of their purchases as a separate visit.

Moral of the story: It will now take more time and money for anyone who spends $5 or less per Starbucks visit to earn rewards.

How do you feel about this change? Let us know in the comments below.