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The Style Stars of March 2016

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Mar 03, 2016
The Style Stars of March 2016
Spring ahead, in both style and substance, with some help from the skies above. And, of course, Hollywood.
Want to own this month with style and substance? It’s never a bad idea to take cues from the zodiac, not to mention those celebs who are turning a year older, wiser, and more fab. So, let’s get started.
First up, we want to say “thank you” to a winter season that did its job. We nested, we focused, we conquered. Now, as this new month brings lots of sparkling Pisces and Aries birthdays, two notable eclipses, and (drum roll) the Vernal Equinox on 3/20, we are ready to allow our buds to break through the soil. Are you excited to show off your elbows and knees once more? We hope you’ve been moisturizing. If not, start today.
We begin the month with Pisces underway, until 3/20. Ruled by Neptune, Pisceans at their best are adaptable, passionate, intense, sensitive, and super charming. At 3/21, we flip to Aries, where confidence, adventurousness, tenacity, and a zest for life are the watchwords. Keep these notions close as you approach the shopping mall, the boardroom, or the bedroom.

The Ladies

We’ve got glamorous birthday girls all throughout the month of March. We start with none other than Lupita Nyong’o (3/1), who can basically do no wrong in our eyes, in terms of fashion sense. There are free spirits Kesha (3/1) and Rebel Wilson (3/2), drop-dead-gorgeous Eva Mendes (3/5), OITNB’s Laura Prepon (3/7), laugh riot Wanda Sykes (3/7), tattoo queen Kat Von D (3/8), crooning sensation Carrie Underwood (3/11), the irresistible Eva Longoria (3/15), big kicker Mia Hamm (3/17), and super gorge Bieber lookalike Ruby Rose (3/20).
What’s the takeaway from these fishy females? Work your signature style and be prepared to own it. This is a big cross-section of fashion, yet as individuals they don’t fluctuate from their home base style all too often. That’s OK! It’s called playing to your strengths. Now’s the time to identify those key pieces that always look incredible and make you feel like “you.” Have fun by playing up the va-va-voom at the makeup mirror or dial back the drama for some soft, natural day-into-night looks.
Once 3/21 hits, we are officially in spring and in Aries. This is the birth sign of Reese Witherspoon (3/22), Sarah Jessica Parker (3/25), Danica Patrick, (3/25), Keira Knightley (3/26), Diana Ross (3/26), Mariah Carey (3/27), Fergie (3/27), and Lady Gaga (3/28). Fortune favors the bold during Aries, obviously, so now’s the time to take some saucy risks. As the weather turns more pleasing, you’ll want to freshen your look up, regardless. Be a risk-taker, have some fun, and show a bit of what your mama gave you.

The Guys

Now, let’s look at these Pisces fellows who swim through our consciousness, over and over: Justin Bieber (3/1), Daniel Craig (3/2), Ben Roethlisberger (3/2), Brooklyn Beckham (3/4), Boris Kodjoe (3/8), Robin Thicke (3/10), Stephen Curry (3/14), Ansel Elgort (3/14), Will.i.am (3/15), and Adam Levine (3/18). Let’s also note that legends such as Dr. Seuss (3/2), Albert Einstein (3/14), and Mr. Rogers (3/20) are aqua-men, themselves.
What do these guys seem to have in common, eh? We see a lot of unabashed sexiness, willingness to be a little eccentric, far-out thinking, and emotions worn on the sleeve. Biebs, Levine, and Beckham suggest that you might try having a little fun with your hair. Roethlisberger and Curry display the beautiful benefits of integrating an athletic discipline into your life. Craig and Thicke make a classic suit look damn good. And hey, let your thoughts roam a bit… The payoff could be as big as is was for Dr. Seuss and the father of modern physics. (Yes, that’s Einstein.)
From 3/21, on we are celebrating these spring-born, Aries hombres: Jack Johnson, Peyton Manning, Chris Bosh, and Val Chmerkovskiy (all 3/24); followed by Lee Pace (3/25), Kenny Chesney (3/26), Quentin Tarantino (3/27), and Ewan McGregor (3/31). Aries, ruled by the planet Mars, is all about energy, self-assurance, courage, and swagger. To steal these guys’ style, you’ve got to first trust that you’re the flyest fellow in the room. Your greatest attribute is that gleaming smile. (Maybe schedule a whitening appointment with your dentist in anticipation?) Then, be bold. Celebrate your strengths. Be a fox. You can pull off classic looks like Chmerkovskiy gliding across a ballroom or cowboy bravado like Chesney. Whatever your personal look, it’s going to get noticed.