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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Something Very Special

By Julie Fink
Posted On Feb 24, 2016
Tommy Hilfiger Launches Something Very Special

Grab your tissues! Tommy Hilfiger is collaborating with Runway of Dreams to launch an apparel line for children with special needs. The high profile designer released the line of adaptive clothing on its website Tuesday.

The 22-piece children’s offering is comprised of items that look just like clothing in the company’s regular spring collection, but include magnets, velcro and other modifications to allow for easy on and off for kids with disabilities. “Every detail was considered so the clothing is not only functional but looks exactly the same as the TH Kids collection,” Mindy Scheier, the founder of Runway of Dreams, said about the new adaptive line.

All of the items are even priced the same as the versions for typically-developing kids, the company said. Check out these awesome kids and their fashionable new attire!

Tommy Hilfiger Runway of Dreams




About Runway of Dreams: Mindy Scheier founded the group – which works to increase the availability of fashionable clothing for kids with special needs – after adapting jeans for her son Oliver who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy and wears leg braces.

“It was more important to me to have him walk into school with his head held high than to worry about the other things,” Scheier said in a recent interview. “That was when I realized a change needed to happen. Every kid and adult in the differently-abled community deserves to wear the same clothing that everybody else does.”

As for the fashion industry, Scheire talks about the winds of change, “As far as I know, this will be the first mainstream, big name brand to offer an adaptable clothing collection. This will be a huge initiative in the fashion industry that will truly be innovated by Tommy Hilfiger.”

Well done Tommy and Runway of Dreams! Bravo.