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Top 12 Instagram accounts you NEED in your Life

By Ana Marino
Posted On May 11, 2016
Top 12 Instagram accounts you NEED in your Life

Has it ever happened to you that at times you feel completely uninspired? It has happened to me before. I just don’t know what to wear, everything in my house bothers me—like I just want to re-do my entire house. I don’t feel like taking photos, and I feel I am eating the same thing over and over again.

The only way I get out of this hole is by trying to find inspiration elsewhere. Now a day, it’s even easier to do so, because, well Instagram exists!! Below you will find my top 12 accounts for inspiration in fashion, food, home décor, and photography.  Looking at pretty and amazing photography can make you feel good and maybe inspire you to travel or just simply get out of the house!



These 3 accounts will definitely have you wanting a new closet. Maybe you even own similar pieces and all you need is different ways to style them!


Anna Banana - Instagram Accounts


Ohm Boutique - Instagram Accounts


OOTD Magazine - Instagram Accounts



I will warn you that after following these accounts you will probably be hungry 24/7. Don’t worry, one of these accounts is filled with healthy recipes for some balance. After looking at the photos, you won’t believe the food is actually healthy.


Chewithme - Instagram Accounts


Spoon University - Instagram Accounts


Fit Healthy Recipes - Instagram accounts



I don’t know why, but I love looking at pretty pictures. Art is something amazing and these photographers are on another level.


Yamashita Photo - Instagram Accounts


The Photo Society - Instagram Accounts


Nois7 - Instagram Accounts


Home Decor

Sometimes I get bored with my home decorations so I love going to these accounts to see what I can change around in my house to make it feel refreshed.


Home Polish - Instagram Accounts


Home Goods - Instagram Accounts


My House Idea - Instagram Accounts