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Top Places to Party for St. Patrick’s

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Mar 17, 2016
Top Places to Party for St. Patrick’s

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, but these days it just seems like another reason to party and we don’t have any problems with that. Inevitably, the best parties on St. Patrick’s Day take place in Ireland or across the waters where many Irish immigrants settled way before we were born; however, parades and festivities take place all over the world. Below, we’ve put together the top 7 places to party in honor of good ol’ St. Patrick.


1. Dublin, Ireland

ST-PATRICK-DAY-PARADE-DUBLIN totallystockholm.se
Photo Credit: totallystockholm.se

Obviously, the paramount place to celebrate an Irish holiday is in the homeland! Observing Ireland’s patron saint could not be better anywhere other than in the Emerald Isle itself. There is nothing somber about this 4-day parade that brings out over 500,000 people dressed in vibrant colors, costumes, and face paint. The parade transforms into a festival, encompassing music, film, street performances, and so much more. So head to the heart of the action in Dublin and you might get to toast in a true Irish pub.


2. New York

stpatricksdayparade NY
Photo Credit: stpatricksday-historic.rhcloud.com

Lady Liberty is not the only green fostering New York! The state hosts one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parties in the world, gathering millions of people to watch swinging kilts, bag pipers, and other festive performers in celebration of the holiday down on 5th Ave. New York is also known for its historic Irish pubs, so feel free to have a Guinness – or seventeen?


3. Buenos Aires

buenos triptrotting.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: triptrotting.wordpress.com

Party city, Buenos Aires, Argentina boasts to having the 5th largest Irish population in the world – cheers to the English invasion of Irish soldiers in the 1800s! St. Patrick’s Day brings a bit more singing, dancing, drinking, and partying than the normal weekend in the city. Traditional Irish food is also served not just burgers and fried pickles like the pubs we’re familiar with.


4. Chicago

chicago nbcnews
Photo Credit: nbcnews.com

It’s still pretty chilly during March in the Windy City, but that doesn’t stop thousands of people from coming out to celebrate St. Patrick. The jubilant parade begins with the annual coloring of the Chicago River from sea foam blue to emerald green. As the day progresses, more and more people come out to witness the day-long parade and party at local bars.


5. Montreal, Canada

st-patrick-s-day-montreal-2015 cbc.ca
Photo Credit: cbc.ca

Rain, hail, sleet, nor snow has ever stopped Montreal’s Irish Parade. The 3-hour cavalcade has gone on for over 60 years, displaying large floats, musical bands, and characters in costumes. After the show is the after-party as parade attendees continue their festivities at local pubs.


6. Savannah, Georgia

Photo Credit: savannahnow.com

Though the south may seem to be clueless when it comes to Irish culture, Savannah happens to be an exception. The southern city hosts one of the largest St. Patty’s Day parties in their historical downtown streets. Aside from the obvious parade, tailgates take place all day while the city is covered in green and kilts. If you’re not up for tailgating tables and grilling, check out one of Savannah’s popular pubs.


7. Montserrat, West Indies

Photo Credit: irishamerica.com

Unlike partygoers in Chicago and Canada, we’re fans of a more tropical setting to revel the Irish holiday. Though the island celebrates the holiday in true Afro-Caribbean style with Calypso music, the popular vacation spot has a standing history of Irish influence and ancestry due to thousands of Irish servants seeking freedom from neighboring islands in the 1600s. Down in the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle, it’s up to you if you’d like to spice up your life with Guinness or a rum cocktail.