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TRIA Energy Trumps Energy Drink Myths

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jul 02, 2016
TRIA Energy Trumps Energy Drink Myths

Ladies, do you remember the first time you had girl talk and said: “…but he’s different”?

Experience a similar feeling with TRIA Energy. Just like the love of your life, it will have you “live more happy hours”.

Giving a healthy boost to all things from your mood to skin, hair, and nails, this natural, GMO and gluten free energy drink trumps the myths that have stopped you from taking a sip.


Myth: It’s hard to really find out how much caffeine is in an energy drink.

Energy drinks list the total amount of caffeine on the food label or on the company website, TRIA Energy being one of them. On TRIA Energy’s Citrus flavored drink, it states “contains 120 mg caffeine per can.” The TRIA Energy Berry contains 80mg natural caffeine.


Myth: Energy drinks have dangerous amounts of caffeine.

Most energy drinks have about the same amount of caffeine as coffee. But believe it or not, a 16 oz. can may contain about 160-240 mm of caffeine, with TRIA hitting 80-120mm, which is less than a coffeehouse coffee of 300-330 milligram.


Myth: Teens and young adults are major consumers of energy drinks.

According to the FDA, the average adult over 21 in the United States consumes about 300 milligrams daily, mostly coming from beverages other than energy drinks such as coffee and tea. Teens and young adults ages 14 to 21 consume a third of that amount.


Although energy drinks are not ideal, TRIA is definitely a healthier alternative to Red Bull or Monster being that its ingredients contain antioxidants and collagen! Antioxidants are natural substances that help prevent cell damage and collagen is a protein that holds the body together. Use it to power you through a workout, your next work meeting, or your next paper. The citrus (and berry) taste is unusual and might take some getting used to, but it surely helped me write this article after a good ol’ lunch break. Usually, I’m half asleep after eating a hearty meal.



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