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Truth Revealed About Fast Food

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 03, 2016
Truth Revealed About Fast Food


How can something so good be so bad for us? Hmm…

By now, we all know that indulging in fast food is not at all good for our health, and even when we long for a Big Mac we should stray away. Those voices in our heads saying, “Back awayyy from the burger.” All too familiar, right? But even still, we can’t seem to ignore the flashing hot sign at Krispy Kreme or the penetrating smell of Burger King’s broiler without stopping.

hot sign bling

Or can we? NewYou is about to change your life with some #facts.

Thanks to a Reddit thread, which asked fast food workers to spill the beans on food items we should never order, we are a little more reluctant to crave convenient cuisines. If you were thinking about stopping at Subway on the way home, DON’T. Just keep driving.

Or just avoid the “oven roasted” chicken as it is, in fact, “boiled in a microwave,” according to one Reddit user. Much to my surprise, another clever commenter reminded readers that a microwave is a form of an oven… jeez, smarty pants! IDK about that user, but I don’t expect my chicken to be cooked in a microwave.

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Moving on, our beloved coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, couldn’t avoid the hit list. A user confessed, “All Starbucks food is reheated frozen food. Ridiculous how little people realize that. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good, it’s just not fresh at all and incredibly overpriced.” To him or her, we say, thanks for keeping it real! We’ll stick to the Iced Caramelized Honey Latte.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The notorious list goes on, and I sort of feel betrayed by the person behind that fake smile, saying “thank you, come again!” But while scrolling through the Reddit thread, I did stumble upon some insightful information we could use when going to Chipotle. A former Chipotle worker advised, “I used to work at Chipotle, and never ever ever order the Tacos. You get less than half the regular portions. Instead, order a bowl with whatever you want in it, then ask for the taco shells, hard or soft, on the side.” Good to know!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock


If after dining at one of these restaurants your stomach feels queasy, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

And let’s say… this still isn’t enough to keep you away from junk food…

According to an online tool on Home Remedy Shop, it would take the average American woman, weighing 166.2 as per the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, one hour and 25 minutes of yoga or one hour and 7 minutes of walking to burn off the 320 calories gained from Subway’s 6-inch oven-roasted (or should we say microwaved) chicken sandwich.

To use the calculator, enter your weight and then choose your meal from one of eight fast food outlets. The tool has full menus from Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald’s, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, and Wendy’s.

It tallies up the calories for the full meal of your choice then lists the amount of time it would take to burn off the calories with eight different workouts. It provides necessary workout times for yoga, walking, running, dancing, rollerblading, cardio equipment, strength training, and biking.

166.2 subway
Photo Credit: Home Remedy Shop – Hours of exercise for a 166.2 pound woman after eating a 6-inch Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich from Subway.

The tool also provides the number of vegetables you could eat as an alternative to receive the same amount of calories. The average American woman, at 166.2 pounds, would have to eat 80 asparagus spears, 45.7 medium celery stalks, or 2.1 medium cauliflower heads to receive 320 calories, the same amount gained from an oven-roasted chicken sandwich from Subway.

166.2 subway equivalent foods
Photo Credit: Home Remedy Shop – Equivalent foods for a 166.2 pound woman instead of eating a 6-inch Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich from Subway.

If you ask me, this seems like a lot of munching and crunching on vegetables. The struggle is real, but I’m sure the health risks from eating badly are much realer.


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