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Twitter Battle of the Exes

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Nov 04, 2015
Twitter Battle of the Exes

Since announcing her split from third husband Olivier Martinez, actress Halle Berry has been receiving more buzz than any of her recent projects. Some may consider it freedom of speech whereas others may sum it up as a case of the bitter ex blues. Yesterday, Halle’s first husband, David Justice, chimed in on the recent marital woes via social media, of his ex-wife of nearly 18 years.

In a series of tweets sent out to his nearly, 20,000 followers Justice said, “Yup..Me, Eric, Gabriel and Olivier were all her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’, until it ends..Then we all become the worst guys in history” said Justice.

He further added, “Only the guys in the relationship with Halle know the real deal there will be another, of course. He’ll be called ‘The Best’ until it ends.”

Caught in the hype, 49-year-old, soul singer and second ex-husband of Berry, Eric Benet, provided his two cents, tweeting, “My man at @23davidjustice is tweeting some truth dis’ mornin’!”

It didn’t stop there. Justice continued ranting, eventually clarifying his comments and deleting several of his previous tweets. He later thanked the actress for “finally squashing” rumors that circulated throughout the years that he was abusive while the couple were married.

Either way, it seems Halle Berry just can’t catch a break.