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Unlike Hasselhoff We Aren’t Leaving the Past Behind

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 13, 2015
Unlike Hasselhoff We Aren’t Leaving the Past Behind


David Hasselhoff has officially changed his name to David Hoff. He tweeted out to fans yesterday stating, “Big news today and a massive relief for me. I hope everyone can understand… it feels great!”

David Hasselhoff claims he’s now ‘David Hoff’

The actor’s rep told ET that the name change is for an Australian ad campaign.

“I look at that as part of my past and part of a glorious past that made me a ton of money and opened up the world,” he said. “And everybody wants to take it and change it and make fun of it. That’s their prerogative. But I’m all into bigger and better things.”

Well, The Hoff may be putting his lifeguard saving days behind him but our Baywatch beauty addiction isn’t over. Our favorite Baywatch style bathing suit trend is here to stay. Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have all been seen strutting down the beach in their one-pieces, classic Baywatch style.

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Photo Credit: Splash News/Private Party