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Usher’s Snapchat Story Leaves Fans Speechless

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Apr 29, 2016
Usher’s Snapchat Story Leaves Fans Speechless

R&B crooner Usher had many women singing, “Yeah, Yeah,” after he posted a risqué full-frontal snap last night. It was definitely unexpected and possibly a tad bit more than fans could have ever expected from the platinum, award-winning singer. The 37-year old took to the popular social media forum to reveal a very intimate, revealing image in the midst of a steamy hot shower session. The image, a part of his Snapchat story, was simply captioned, “blowinoffsteam,” with a strategically placed emoji in a NSFW bodily area. Gasps!

Although Usher has always been one to push the envelope, his recent rated R images naturally created quite a huge frenzy. As the Atlanta native bared it all without a second thought, we were left clutching our pearls and in desperate need for a tall glass of water in order to quench our thirst. The kicker in all of this, he followed up his Snapchat story cool, calm, and collected while brushing his teeth. Shirtless, of course, but nonetheless it’s Usher, so there’s that. To follow along with the entertainer’s shenanigans Usher. Raymond is his Snapchat name. But beware, he is the ultimate thirst trap of them all. Happy snapping!