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Zendaya Reveals Why She Still Lives at Home

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 24, 2016
Zendaya Reveals Why She Still Lives at Home

Zendaya may only be 19 years old but she has already accomplished more than most adults. And now this extremely talented singer, dancer, and actress just gave us more reasons to love her. She sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and revealed a few things about herself, and also confirmed her latest movie gig, Spider-Man!


Zendaya told the talk show host that people always ask her why she’s still on the Disney Channel. She said it’s because she still has a responsibility as a young person to create positive programming for young people. Aw, you go, Zendaya!


The K.C. Undercover star then went on to credit her parents for not letting her become a “young child actress gone bad.” Last month, Zendaya told New You Magazine that she credits her parents for many things, but especially for making her get an education. She says, “I am very lucky to have parents who pushed me to learn and broaden my horizons. I’m lucky to have parents who are teachers.”


The singer also confirmed that she’s still living at home because she doesn’t have to wake herself up and she has a free ride whenever she wants. LOL. She did tell Ellen that although she still lives at home, she still has her space. She told New You, “Be honest with your parents. That’s how you gain their trust, that’s how you get more responsibility, that’s how they will be able to trust you. My parents never have to question me. Even before I became an adult, they would never question or worry because I have already proved to them a million times over that I’m a good kid.” It sounds like her home life is great.


It’s really hard to imagine that Zendaya is still only a teenager. She is wise way beyond her years.