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Zendaya: The Perfect New Covergirl

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jan 21, 2016
Zendaya: The Perfect New Covergirl

Zendaya, 19-year old triple threat, has joined the ranks of Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna in becoming the new face for Covergirl. It’s not just because she ends up on every “Best Dressed” list or because she is an adored Disney favorite.

Zendaya is not your typical starlet. She is already pulling icon status by breaking the mold, using her voice, flaunting natural beauty and dominating the social scene.

In an exclusive interview, she tells New You: “I want to promote to young people that it’s okay to be good. It’s okay to be a good citizen. It’s okay to learn. It’s cool. It’s cool to be knowledgeable, to know what’s going on in your country and your world. To form opinions, and to talk about it and have discussions and be respectful of other people. I’m trying to make that the new cool.”

This industry vixen has gained popularity across so many platforms. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why Zendaya is the perfect choice for the new face of Covergirl:

Zendaya Takeover!
• She’s starred in two hit Disney channel shows, Shake it Up and K.C Undercover
• She released her self titled album, Zendaya in 2013
• She was the youngest ever Dancing With the Star’s contestant and runner-up
• Her Disney Channel movie Zapped was the most watched broadcast on cable the night it debuted
• She was named one of TIMES Most Influential Teenager in 2015
• She celebrated her 19th birthday by raising money for three brothers in South Africa who lost their parents to AIDS
• She stands for what she believes in, no matter the circumstance. She called out Modeliste for photo shopping her in their magazine and also called out Guiliana Ranic for her negative hair criticism.

“Covergirl celebrates powerful, beautiful, and strong women of different races and ethnicities. It’s inspiring,” Zendaya tells Teen Vogue excitedly. “I’m thrilled to be part of the diversity and expansion of beauty.”

Congrats Zendaya! You deserve it.