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New You Beauty Awards 2017 Best Anti-Aging Products

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 07, 2017
New You Beauty Awards 2017 Best Anti-Aging Products

Perricone MD Photo Plasma Anti-Aging Moisturizer 

What if we told you there’s a magical product (that actually exists) containing SPF 30 which brightens and moisturizes your skin, without it smelling like sunscreen? You wouldn’t believe it, would you? Honestly, we didn’t think it was possible either until we tried out Perricone MD’s Photo Plasma anti-aging moisturizer. It contains Astaxanthin which combats redness and blotchiness. (Perricone MD Photo Plasma, $75)



NXN Flash Matte Perfecting Primer 

Oil slick on your face? Enlarged pores disrupting your flawless look? NXN Flash Matte will take care of all of that in an instant. Creating a soft veil on your skin, this primer helps your makeup go on smooth and evenly while mattifying for a radiant finish with natural and powerful ingredients including antioxidants that nourish and even your skin. (NXN Flash Matte Perfecting Primer, $24)





Lather Swiss Apple Wrinkle Remedy 

Say goodbye to dull, lifeless skin and get ready to welcome back your skin’s natural glow. Lather Swiss Apple Wrinkle remedy uses fruit extracts and stem cells from a rare Swiss apple that aide in erasing wrinkles and fine lines to reveal your carefree, youthful skin. (Lather Swiss Apple Wrinkle Remedy, $62)



Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask 

What if instead of using a mask to hide who you really are, you use a mask to transform to your ideal self? Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask does just that while using CPR Technology to take your skin from dull to divine. (Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask, $22)



Eve Lom Time Retreat Face Treatment 

The Fountain of Youth has been hunted for centuries by explorers far and wide, but what if I told you it’s been found and it’s British. Eve Lom Time Retreat Eye Treatment was developed to eradicate every visible sign of aging for the contour of your eyes and it delivers on every promise. (Eve Lom Time Retreat Face Treatment, $110)





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