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New You Beauty Awards 2017

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 08, 2017
New You Beauty Awards 2017

Beauty has many meanings and interpretations. It’s how society views you, but more importantly it’s how you view yourself. The stigma that we use products to hide who we are is unfounded because we use products to understand and express our true beauty. Once again, this year we’ve made a list of 125 products that showed how special the beauty industry is. These products have been meticulously tested and judged against their peers, they’re the cream of the crop. The New You Beauty Awards are for the overworked mom, the trendsetter, the modern beatnik, and everyone who values beauty for what it really is, an extension of who you are.

By: Toni Negas, Gina De Angelis, Erica Braun Satz, Cameron Peek, Chris Sanchez, Shan Azeerulla, Stephanie Arboleda, Alvaro Martinez, Billyne Francois, Andres Penuela, Dallas Foy

Check out this year’s winners!

  1. Get The Perfect Pout
  2. Nailed It
  3. Upstanding Foundation
  4. Conceal The Deal
  5. Best in SPFs
  6. Freshen Up – Face & Body Wipes
  7. Magical Mascaras
  8. Innovations in Hair
  9. Best in Moisturizers
  10. Everything for the Eyes
  11. Most Innovative Packaging
  12. Natural Beauty
  13. Tools of the Trade
  14. Pearly Whites
  15. Squeaky Clean Face Cleansers
  16. Best Anti-Aging Products
  17. Take It All Off Makeup Removers
  18. Wash Away The Day
  19. Exfoliate It
  20. Best Home Spa Products
  21. Magical Masks
  22. Scent Sensibility
  23. Manly Must-Haves
  24. Best Newbie
  25. Greatest Gadgets