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A Creative Director’s Beauty Favorites

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 11, 2013

As a Creative Director for a fashion and beauty magazine and self proclaimed beauty product fanatic I am constantly trying new products. This morning as I was getting ready at the gym I was thinking about the products I am currently using and how much I love them, so I thought I would share them with you.

Revision® Skincare. To be honest I had never heard of this product but was running out of my tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (I always get one with sunscreen) and happened upon this one in the beauty closet (Yes, my job is amazing) I am in love. You will hear this from me a lot. I am constantly amazed at what these products can do. Why I love it: It is light (I never feel caked on), it really covers and of course the magic it as a broad-spectrum spf of 45!

10® Miracle Leave-In. No really it is. I am 41 years old and I still have issues with tangled hair. I thought this should have gone away with puberty but it did not. And now as my hair sheds with so much ease (yes I panicked) 10® Miracle Leave-In keeps the hair loss and the pain away! The other true miracle, it protects my now colored hair from turning red from the sun because it has sun protection in it.

Peter Thomas Power K Eye treatment. OK I have no idea what is in this thing but I would swear it has caffeine. My eyes feel this tingling sensation after using it. After only 1 week I started noticing a real difference in my wrinkles. I have super dark circles under my eyes and am not noticing a huge difference there but I will keep the faith for now and keep you posted.

Lauren Mercier Pot Under Eye Cream (Not pictured). As previously mentioned, my dark circles are haunting me as well as anyone else who looks at me without make-up. Lauren Mercier’s Pot Under Eye Cream was recommend to me by a friend who does not have dark circles; because of this product! So no more haunting, well at least until Halloween when it’s appropriate.

The blue bottle. It’s not magic, but a step every facialist says you need after cleansing… toner. I personally love one that smells like lavender although the most important ingredient is using it; Always. It balances your skin’s PH so everything else on it works.

Nuance by Selma Hyak. I just started using this product 3 weeks ago and had great hopes. I was not disappointed; especially with the spot corrector. I have tried many things but this one is actually working. I should have taken a photo when I started but here is where I am currently. I will take another in 3 weeks to determine the progress; I will keep you posted.

I always carry a travel deodorant on me. I like the simple scent of Secret and its convenience of course. I am always on the run and am just one of those girls who needs a back up plan.

MAC eye shadow. These shadows are amazing. They are like a good diet; the slower you go about getting it done, the longer it lasts. Because of MAC eye shadows I sometimes wonder if I go to the gym just so I have an excuse to shower and put on makeup. Not the worst issue!


Well, that is what I am using… for now. I will keep you posted as I change products and form new opinions.

*Along with being a Creative Director for New You Magazine, I also design a line of handbags. Check them out at www.Elezar.com


-Julie Lazarus