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Capture the fountain of youth with these skincare friends with benefits!

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 15, 2016
Capture the fountain of youth with these skincare friends with benefits!

We know the source of gorgeous skin is a healthy inside. Flipping through health/beauty magazines, you have undoubtedly noticed the surge in probiotic popularity over the last couple of years.  Most of these articles target how these friendly bacteria rectify our insides and keep our immune system in tip-top shape, but there hasn’t been as much light shed on how probiotics can benefit us when applied topically.  Until mybody probiotic skincare hit the market.

Mybody lovingly refers to probiotics as our skincare “friend with benefits” because they practically address every problematic skin condition that exists from acne to premature aging.

It’s important to note that the science behind taking probiotics orally and applying them topically is a bit different from one another – but both are very beneficial when it comes to skincare. The gut and the skin are very closely connected, so it’s important that we eat a diet that includes probiotic-rich foods to keep the good bacteria in our tummies in check. And even though starting from the inside out is a great line of attack to achieve that youthful glow you’re aiming for, research shows that topical application of friendly bacteria can yield results that are just as remarkable.

Luckily, mybody has mastered the science behind infusing our skincare products with probiotics that bypass old technologies associated with injury, chronic inflammation and damaged skin. Instead of breaking down the skin and stressing it out, mybody’s Probiotic Bioactives boost the skin’s natural repair response, heighten the skin’s own natural immune system and trigger the production of new, healthy collagen. Just like internal probiotics have been shown to help the body’s immunity, topical probiotics have now been proven to reawaken youthful processes within the body that slow with age and improve the appearance of skin.

Need a suggestion on how to get this probiotic glow?  Try GLOWBIOTICS, a unique product line from mybody, designed to infuse lackluster skin with a powerful blend of probiotics, nutrients and antioxidants, resulting in a gorgeous, glowing complexion. This transformative collection helps give all skin types the opportunity to reveal healthy, more luminous skin. It features the proprietary Glowbiotic Balancing Complex designed to help repair, rebuild and revitalize aging and compromised skin. Through the use of probiotics, anti-inflammatory peptides and Kakadu plum extract (the richest source of botanical Vitamin C), this complex also helps to restore skin’s immune and defense systems.

The first product in the GLOWBIOTICS line up is the GLOWBIOTICS Probiotic Instant Resurfacing Pads.  They instantly help reveal radiant, youthful-looking skin with fewer lines, wrinkles, pores and blemishes. With regular use, these clinical strength pads mimic the results of a clinical peel, but with virtually no downtime, irritation or excessive peeling. Follow the pads up with the Probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil.  Hydrate, illuminate and celebrate radiant skin with this hydrating cream-to-oil treatment that is infused with an exclusive reflective mineral complex to help impart a dewy, luminous appearance to lackluster skin.

When used together you can master the “I woke up like this” look in no time. This duo of powerful, yet gentle, complexion enhancers helps you achieve a radiant glow that everyone can’t help but notice. Decreased fine lines and wrinkles? Check. Reduction in pore size and blemishes? Check. Exfoliated and hydrated skin? Check. What are you waiting for? Your youthful, radiant complexion is waiting to be unleashed.