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4 Tips To Prevent Turkey Neck

By Andrea Concepcion
Posted On Mar 26, 2015


BY: Sean Spaulding

As the years pass, our neck area slowly starts to show the effects with decreased elasticity. The neck is one area that, if kept youthful and taut, can make those years we’ve enjoyed seem less aged.

Besides eating healthy, applying sunscreen, and exercising, what else can a women do to keep her neck from wrinkling later in life? Well here a few extra tips to accomplish just that:

Renew The Canvas

Shedding dead skin once or twice a week by exfoliating is deal for proper skin care. It not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but it also improves the skins texture and clears your pores before any acne can surface. Remember to only exfoliate moderately, too much of a good thing is a bad thing, doing it too often can lead to damage to the skin and dryness

Moisturize Properly

The next time you decide to moisturize yourself, finish the job! People usually think their face is sufficient when applying moisturizer, but when trying to protect, it’s better to widen the area. The thin skin on your neck is very susceptible to damaging rays, so it is imperative to moisturize all the way down to your chest to protect from the sun’s harmful rays. For even better results, use neck cream, not just moisturizer.

Look Up

It might seem silly but constant looking down as we do with our phones, does much more damage then you think. We get so engrossed in looking down at our wonderful gadgets, that the downward position almost seems normal to us now. However, it can lead to saggy jowls and increase neck and upper back pain.

Sleep Facing Up

As tough as it is for some people, sleeping on your back can benefit you in many ways more then one. Doing an about-face reduces the pressure and pulling of our skin in less-than flattering contortions. Wrinkles on your face, neck, and chest can be minimized significantly. It can even help your breast from sagging.