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5 Ways to Use Beauty Products You Were Going To Toss Out

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Jun 21, 2021
5 Ways to Use Beauty Products You Were Going To Toss Out


There is nothing worse than having to break up with your favorite mascara because of a heartbreaking expiration date. Maybe except spending money on a new shampoo that you end up hating.


Product: Eyeshadow

Alternative Use: Root cover-up

We have nothing against Sally’s, but that’s one less item in our shopping carts. Before ringing up that root touch-up spray or gray covering stick, raid your makeup bag for a basic mineral eyeshadow. With a shadow that matches your hair color and a small, stiff brush, you can subtly cover your gray, dark, or light roots.

If your hairline is thinning, filling in those empty spaces with eyeshadow quickly fixes the problem.  Choose a shadow that you didn’t like on your face – whether because of the lack of longevity or the color is just plain wrong – and simply brush it on after styling.

Product: Deodorant

Alternative Use: Mattify your face

Deodorants are supposed to keep our pits fresh and sweat-free throughout the day. Unfortunately, some products work better than others. If you find yourself with a full stick of antiperspirant, use it under your makeup to keep your face oil-free or to prevent thigh chafing.

Product: Foundation

Alternative Use: Body Makeup

With bad store lighting, we’re pretty much bound to purchase a foundation that is a bit off. First, we’d recommend trying to exchange it for the correct tone – most stores are pretty understanding. But if that fails, don’t panic, we have options.

If the foundation is too light, use it as a highlight, and if it’s too dark, use it as a contour. Still not a fan? Before giving up completely, try mixing it with a few pumps of lotion and use it as an all-over skin toner.

Product: Clear Nail Polish

Alternative Use: DIY Nail Polish or Jewelry Protectant

We all have a couple of chip-free nail polishes that promised to last forever but didn’t actually deliver. Instead of tossing them, use the clear top coat as a costume jewelry protectant or DIY your own nail tint.

When costume jewelry comes in contact with sweat and body oils, our beloved pieces can become tarnished. Coat your jewelry with a thin layer of clear polish and it will prevent your jewels from deteriorating. Aside from that, it’ll protect those with nickel allergies from rashes and other skin sensitivities.

Product: Shampoo/Conditioner

Alternative Use: Brush Cleanser

All it takes is one wash session, and you know right away whether a shampoo or conditioner will be your hair’s new fave. If a shampoo, conditioner, or the complete duo didn’t wow you, rack it until it’s time to clean your makeup and hair brushes. All of your brushes should be cleaned on the regular because these items easily accumulate buildup from everyday usage. With warm water, a light lather, a thorough rinse, and an overnight air drying session, your brushes are good-to-go.