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Shiva Safai on her favorite pop of color and other makeup must-haves

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Jul 20, 2017
Shiva Safai on her favorite pop of color and other makeup must-haves

Beauty, makeup, and everything fun in between came out to play at the bareMinerals product launch party in LA and New You was there to catch all the hot topics. Shiva Safai was on hand at the event and was ready to dish about all her summer makeup favorites.


Unveiling their new shade matching technology, Shiva, like the others, was blown away. “It’s so amazing! It’s so easy! You don’t have to go through all these things, get the wrong shade, come home and figure out, ‘I got two shades two dark!’”


A big fan of bareMinerals, Shiva was excited about the night. “Makeup and beauty are always fun and I always love to see what’s new and try out new things. I love bareMinerals and their products are amazing!”


Shiva, on trend with many other natural products, has a makeup style all her own. “I just like products that feel natural on your skin so it doesn’t feel like you have something on. You forget that you’re wearing makeup. I feel like that’s the key. You want to wear things that complement you and are just natural looking.”


Her summer must-have is one of our favorites as well. “I just love the watermelony pop of color on the lips and I got this lipstick and I loved it so I’ve been rocking it. It’s great with tan skin and it looks great.”


When not checking out the latest in beauty trends, Shiva does her part to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “I think it’s so important to be balanced and do everything in moderation and just being healthy and working out and drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep and I know it’s old and everyone says that, but I think it’s truly the key.”